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LETO Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator

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LETO - Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator
The LETO phase modulator is based on a reflective LCOS microdisplay with full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel ) resolution.
With a pixel pitch of only 6.4 μm and a small interpixel gap of 0.2 μm the LETO SLM provides a high fill factor of 93% and thereby a high light efficiency.

LETO Phase Only Modulation
The LETO Spatial Light Modulator is usable for the 400-1100 nm range and the modulator provides a phase shift of 2 π up to 850 nm.
The device is delivered with a linear 256-level phase response for the specified user wavelength.
The adaptation of the device settings for different operating wavelengths to a linear 2 π phase response can be done by straight forward gamma correction using the supplied calibration software.

LETO - Plug & Play SLM Device
The LETO phase only modulator devices can simply be addressed like an external monitor using the standard HDMI interface of the graphics card. No additional software or
dedicated hardware is needed to operate the SLM.

For advanced callibration the LETO device uses a convenient standard USB interface and a GUI based callibration software.

In addittion, Application Software is provided with the SLM. Key features of which are:

• computation of computer generated holograms (CGH) from user defined images
• generation of SLM signals representing basic optical functions such as lenses, gratings, axicon and vortex functions
• superposition of CGH's with basic optical functions to combine functionalities

Display Type

Reflective LCOS


1920 x 1080 Pixel

Pixel Pitch


Fill Factor


Max.Spatial Resolution

78 lp/mm

Addressing Bit Depth

8(10 Bit CLUT)

Signal Format


Input Frame Rate



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