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The FREEDOM VIS-NIR is a robust, athermal, industrial grade diode array based spectrometer for OEM integration. The key benefits of the product are:

  •  VIS-NIR range 475 – 1100 nm
  •  Compact size of only 25 x 48 x 16 mm
  •  Cost efficient
  •  High performance - resolution down to 1.5 nm and stray light < 0.03%
  •  OEM integration friendly design that allows easy adaptation to your own electronics and detector
  •  Robust and athermal design

This document is a detailed product specification describing the FREEDOM VIS-NIR principle of operation and technical specifications.
The FREEDOM spectrometers are intended for integration with your own electronics and therefore the electrical interface of FREEDOM is a direct access to the pins of the line detector array. For more information about the detector array interfaces supported by FREEDOM VIS-NIR please, see the respective data sheets from the suppliers listed in Chapter 2.2.
FREEDOM can also be supplied with the VersaPic USB/RS-232 controller and VersaSpec software. Please see chapter 4 for a description of this electronics and software option.


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