25G TIA for PD

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Product Overview

The HLR25G0 is a high sensitivity transimpedance amplifier with automatic gain control manufactured in a high volume, large capacity pure CMOS process designed for 25Gbps applications and data rates. The HLR25G0 can be used in multi-rate applications such as CPRI wireless optical networks from 614.1 Mbps up to 24 Gbps and also supporting 10/25 Gbps rates.

Featuring a receiver signal strength monitor, photodiode capacitance range selection and digital configuration options the HLR25G0 is a high performance and versatile receiver solution for next generation 25 Gbps optical receivers.

The HLR25G0 is provided with pre-programmed digital settings optimised for the application package requirement. The HLR25G0A is optimised for 7-pin/COB packaging whilst the HLR25G0B is optimised for lower cost 5-pin TO packages.

The HLR25G0 has been designed to enable ‘industry standard’ assemblies with its small foot print (0.7 mm x 1.05 mm).

Main Features
▪ Typical -17.0 dBm SM sensitivity (0.8 A/W, 4.5dB ER, BER 5E-5, CPD = 70 fF)
▪ Typical -13.4 dBm SM sensitivity (0.8 A/W, 4.5dB ER, BER 1E-12, CPD = 70 fF)
▪ Typical -14.1 dBm MM sensitivity (0.5 A/W, 3.5dB ER, BER 5E-5, CPD ≤ 120 fF)
▪ +4.5 dBm Optical Input Overload
▪ SM & MM Photodiodes, CPD = 50 fF to 120 fF
▪ 3.1 kΩ typical transimpedance gain
▪ Regulated PD bias & RSSI current monitor
▪ Bond options for optimisation with different packages and photodiodes
▪ Multi-rate capability: 614.4 Mbps to 24 Gbps and 10/25 Gbps rate capable.
▪ Single +3.3V supply; typical 35mA current
▪ -40°C to +95°C Operating temperature range


▪ SFP28 Transceivers and AOCs
▪ 25GbE & 100GbE, 32/128xFC, IB EDR, OTN
▪ Wireless Front-haul 614.4M to 24G CPRI


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